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Anti wrinkle Injectables Foundation Course £699

The devil is in the detail

This one-day extensive course taught by medical professionals is your starting point and introduction into the world of aesthetics and Botulinum Toxin.

You will learn how to safely inject the upper area of the face: crow's lines, frown lines and forehead lines and will practice on live models. 

Injectable Course London

Special Offer £699
Anti wrinkle Injectable Course inclusive of: frown lines, forehead & crows feet.

We will teach you how to mark up the injection points for Botox on our silicone faces. We will then teach you the correct injection techniques of how to administer botulinum toxin. When we are happy with the way you injecting on the silicone faces you will then move on live models under the supervision of our medical professionals.

At the end of the course if you pass you will  be able to walk away with your CPD certificate of completion and will be able to start administering this procedure with your own clients once you are insured. We also have our in-house prescribers that will be happy to prescribe for you once you are insured.

We will also work with you on obtaining insurance and supplying any information that will support you on your journey in the aesthetics industry.

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