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Advanced Dermal Fillers Course £849

This advanced dermal filler course is for people that have done the foundation dermal filler course and are ready to learn more complex injectable techniques. This course will be very hands on and predominately practical using a cannula.

DermalFiller training Course London

Special Offer £849

Dermal Filler Advanced Course

We will be using a cannula to place fillers in the jaw, cheeks, and chin. This course gives you the opportunity to practice your skills on live models. We will also talk about fillers going wrong and how to dissolve them in the cottect way. 

Dermal filler courses non medic

At the end of the course if we are happy with your competency
you will receive a certificate of completion.
We will also work with you on obtaining insurance and supplying any information that will support you on your journey in the aesthetics industry.

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