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Dermal Fillers Foundation Course £749

This one-day extensive course is open to anyone looking to enter the aesthetic industry. No previous experience required. 

The course will be taught to you by Doctors you will be taught how to inject dermal filler into the lips, nasolabial folds and marionette lines . Once you master the technique on our silicone faces and feel confident you will practice on live models.
We have maximum 6 students in a class taught by two and or Doctors or nurses so a ratio of 3-1 really which allows you to absorb and take in everything that you learn. No question is a silly question we want you to ask questions to enable you to walk away from the course after confident in what you are doing.

Special Offer £749
Dermal Fillers Foundation Course


Throughout the course we will look into further details about the different treatment area that dermal fillers can be used for. We will look at the veins and arteries of the face and the complications that can arise when injecting fillers and what to be aware of. We will also look at all the different fillers available to buy and the consultation with your client.
At the end of the course if we are happy with the way you inject you will receive a certificate on completion. We will send a follow up e mail of where to by all the products you will require as we well as the consultation forms you will need and the insurance companies and how to start your business. We are also there to support you with further questions you may have throughout the beginning of your new journey.
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