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Aesthetic Complications & Emergency first Aid 

This course is open to non medics who want to feel more confident in dealing with aesthetic complications and medical emergencies that could happen at your clinic. We teach you what medical supplies you should have in your clinic and how to treat potential complications and emergencies if  they were to happen.

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Filler complications

How to manage and check for Filler Embolus & Vascular Occlusions

Recommended healing after vascular occulusions.

How to manage infections

How to dissolve filler.


Anti Wrinkle injectables

  • Brow ptosis

  • Eyelid ptosis

  • Asymmetry

  • Quizzical look

  • Muscle weakness / paralysis

  • Use of Iopidine eye drops

Emergency situations in your clinic:

Learning CPR  and about defibrillators.

Managing allergic reactions and anathaletic shock

Managing bleeding and wounds.



What Medical Supplies to have in your clinic

We tell you what medical supplies you should have in your


aesthetic complications
level 7 in aesthetics
fast track in aesthetics
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Aesthetics complications with first aid £349

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