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Phlebotomy Training Content


At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Know the correct veins that you are able to take blood from in the body and routine venepuncture guidelines.

  • Learn how to tie the tourniquet on the arm correctly

  • Understand all legal aspects and competencies set out in national occupational standard for phlebotomy.

  • Be able to use and show correct infection control & use correct PPE when taking blood during phlebotomy. 

  • Know all the equipment required and safety aspects of doing phlebotomy before and after. 

  • Be able to confidently take blood from a mannequin using the correct techniques shown by the teacher . Once confident taking blood from the mannequin you will be able to take blood from humans. 

  • Be able to show competency when taking blood by using the correct procedures and doing the things in the right order (i.e putting the tourniquet on correctly finding the correct vein, disinfect the area you plan to take blood from. choose the correct needle to take the blood with and the correct tube, be able to put the needle in to the arm once the vein is found and draw blood in to the correct coloured tubes. After care following removal of the needle.

  • Know the potential complications that can arise when taking blood before and after.

  • Venepuncture Key points and Summary.

  • Exam

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